Dia Richardson of Los Angeles was raised a Christian. In November of 2001, she became one of an estimated 20,0000 Americans a year who are converting to Islam.

Dia Richardson: I was having a lot of problems and I wasn't living right. I was running around clubbing every night, drinking, smoking weed.

Dia went to a wedding at the King Fahd mosque in Culver City. She'd never even been inside a mosque before.

Dia Richardson: It was beautiful when I walked in. Right when I walked in--I don't who it was that day--but he was saying the adhan, the call to prayer. It made me feel really good. It was like--it made me stop. And I kept saying what is that, what's it called, what's he saying? And, you know, it sounded really beautiful when he was singing. That was the first time I had ever seen a prayer being done inside a Masjid.

Dia Richardson: I feel not apart from the community. I feel different. I feel different, you know. To be a good Muslim is like to be a good Christian or to be a good Jew, because all the books tell you like to be right, to live right.

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