Student Note-taking Grids for Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

Overview: This brief procedure provides a format that helps students take notes on the film. The grid assists students in organizing their notes, and is necessary for completion of activities in several of the lessons.


Students should be able to:

    • plan and record information from a visual and audio source
    • differentiate types and topics of information provided in the film Muhammad, Legacy of a Prophet


      1. Prepare the students to take notes on the concept of prophethood in Islam. They will record these different roles and the comments made about these roles by using Handout 1:5a, of which students should receive 2 copies or one 2-sided handout. The following questions can be answered by the notes students make on the grid.
        • What roles did Muhammad play during his life?
        • What types of leadership did he carry out in his society?
        • What did the people in the film say about his leadership?
      2. Prepare the students to take notes on the film by giving each student four copies of Handout 1:5b, or two 2-sided sheets. Tell the students that the three different columns in the grid correspond to the three main categories of information in the film, which are indicated by the column headings.
      3. Discuss the note-taking column format for viewing the film with the class and explain how it will be used. Notes in the first column will answer the question:
        • What were the major events in Muhammadís life and in the communityís development, described in the film in chronological order?

      Notes in the second column will answer the following questions:

            • What are the personal qualities that a Muslim strives to achieve?
            • How did Muhammad model those qualities in his life?

      Notes in the third column will answer the following question:

            • How do the American Muslims in the film view Islam and Muhammadís example as models for their own lives and modern conditions?

The answers on the grid will be used in Lessons 2, 3 and 4. Tell students they may also create their own information anchors such as subject headings and keywords.


Muhammadís Functions in Society

Hadith or Historical Event

Contemporary Muslimsí Statement




Handout 1:5b NOTE-TAKING CHART (copy 5 pages of this handout for each student)

Historical Events in Muhammadís Life

Personal Qualities

Valued by Muslims

American Muslimsí Views on Islam and Muhammad